Mental Health

Mental health solutions are provided through the Mental Health Association QLD (MHAQ).

MHAQ delivers innovative, evidence informed mental health services which provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to self-manage mental distress by identifying strengths, coping strategies, making informed decisions and accessing flexible and individualised treatment options and support strategies.

Vision: Cohesive resilient communities

The Mental Health Association QLD envisages a community where optimal mental health and wellbeing is encouraged and supported, resulting in strengthened community resilience, and enhanced holistic health of all Australians.

MHAQ aims to promote awareness and understanding of mental health in the community, to assist people to access relevant and timely information and appropriate services and support.

Mission: Awareness Acceptance Action

MHAQ's mission is to promote awareness, acceptance and action on mental health for all Australians. Central to recovery and improved mental health is self-awareness, discovering meaning, building supportive relationships and enhancing coping skills. The more we know about ourselves and our communities, the more we can reduce stigma and take action to improve mental health.


The Mental Health Association QLD holds as its core values:

  • The growth of people and communities – good mental health is everyone's business. Invest in yourself, invest in others and invest in your community for optimal mental health.
  • Leadership based upon servant hood, vision and innovation – The Mental Health Association always strives to improve the way we serve communities and individuals. We value the importance of increasing access to professional services across Australia. The new Online Support Service is the first non-government service in Australia to provide online counselling via Skype. 
  • Compassion, integrity, stewardship and excellence – The Mental Health Association holds itself to the highest ethical standard of service delivery. A non-judgemental and inclusive attitude highlights the commitment we make to working alongside communities and individuals to help them reach the goals they identify. By listening to feedback from the community, we aim to continuously improve our services.

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